pollen room

I stumbled upon these rich photographs from Mina's blog today, and thought I'd share! A very quick peek at a botanical project I'd been invited to collaborate on over the summer.  It was a surreal moment of two worlds overlapping: a beautiful opportunity for bits from my Hong Kong community to congregate and co-create in London. Amongst new creative strangers contributing their love for food and wine, there were familiar faces, too: modern Korean dishes by Mina from Hong Kong, florals by Emily who now lives in London, cocktails by Anya currently making a fresh start in NY, and I – illustrating and travelling into London by train from Somerset... all in all, making this wide, wide world feel contently a bit smaller, even if only for that weekend.

Hoping for many more. x

Venue: Nineteen. Photos by Mina at Sook. Florals by Emily at June in March. Cocktails by Anya at Travelling Bartenders. Menus and promotional graphics by me. Illustrations, calligraphy, and collages were also created for other Pollen Room pop-ups this summer at Perilla, Le Mary Celeste, and with Amala Events.