year of the monkey

Earlier this spring, MinaNanaSam, and I teamed up to host a two-part dinner series in Sai Ying Pun's Ping Pong Gintonería to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 

We called it, 'A Monkey Feast' – and it felt like just that! It was a buzzing, messy, celebratory gathering of 50 guests each night, seated at two large communal tables, beneath a row of cherry blossom trees and a warm red glow from the neon sign above the bar. 
Family-style plates were shared and served along the middle of each table, dishes packed with vibrant colours and flavours drawing from both Chinese and Korean New Year traditions. Iconic green cha chaan teng chopsticks and vinyl-lace table cloths were paired with elegant Cutipol gold cutlery. Casual red plastic trays offering dried seeds and snacks sat alongside immaculate citrus gin cocktails in tall, blue-stemmed glasses. A handpicked soundtrack inspired by 'In the Mood for Love' set a romantic bygone tone, while avant garde artwork hung on the walls above the clicking and clacking of mahjong tiles as my Po Po and her friends played and chatted happily under the long concrete staircase. This incredible clash of sights, smells, sounds... this bold mash up of old and new – in true Hong Kong spirit!

Enjoy!  (The music will start a few seconds into the video.)

Film by Emma French. x