teakha turns three

I first stepped into teakha in 2013, with its small shop space and quietly buzzing atmosphere, all simple enough to feel perfectly laid-back yet delicate enough to know that careful thought had gone into its selection of teas, warmed homemade treats, porcelain ceramicware, wooden spoons... two years later, this teashop is still one of my favourite places in this city.

So, I was so delighted when the teakha team invited me to collaborate on their birthday artwork, and to take part in their anniversary celebrations this month!

Next weekend, come spend a relaxing afternoon alongside live music, poetry, screen-printing, knitting, and calligraphy on Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 April, 1-6pm. I will be there on Sunday 26th April, 1-6pm, offering printed stationery goods and custom calligraphic messages. Come say hi! x

LASBxTeakha poster.jpg

Above, teakha's birthday poster designed by Jess, illustrated by me. Below, some additional artwork layouts I had created. Gouache illustration on paper, inspired by the flowers, fruits, and spices of herbal teas. (Click on images to enlarge.)

Event location: teakha, Shop B, No. 18 Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan. For more details, visit teakha on Facebook.