a special day, part ii

When J & I decided to marry in England last summer, we knew many of our guests would be arriving from abroad, especially to celebrate the day with us. This rare opportunity, to have friends old and new, from different times in our lives, in one place at one time – we didn't want to let this go to waste. So, in the morning following our wedding day, we took this chance to share the experiences and activities that we ourselves had loved most during our time in the UK. We hopped on trains and into cars and set off to the countryside for a week-long getaway.

When we arrived, we spent our days and nights in a breathtaking 14th-Century manor with converted barns. With its winding and lop-sided wooden stairs that led up to attic rooms, and bedrooms that peeked out through stained-glass windows, and a modern hot tub secretly tucked away through a small door in an old brick granary... and gardens complete with flowering trees and manicured hedges, vegetables patches, chickens, tennis court, a small lake, and sheep in distant rolling hills... And with daily outings through the countryside, including guided treks through wetlands and fields for foraging and cooking, cycling through hilly Gloucestershire in the summer sun, clay shooting on wooded grounds, and breathing in the Cotswold air with an afternoon session of yoga on the Manor grounds. In every sense, for us, it truly was a special and very personal place and time. With this gratitude, here is a snippet from one of the best weeks of our lives.

Photography, Nirav Patel. Venues seen here: Temple Guiting Manor and Daylesford Organic Farm.