holiday post

Christmastime is here. 

And this year, both J + I will be heading eastward: shared long-haul flight, chilly climates, old favourites, family dog curled at our feet, library of boardgames, warmth from busy ovens, champagne flutes and silly dances through the new years night… mm, holiday heaven.

Before we go, I wanted to write a quick post about my friend's project here in HK: Initiated in 2012, MAKE+SWAP has just completed its second year. The concept behind MAKE+SWAP is familiarly simple: sign up, make 10 ornaments, send one out to each person on your list, and receive 10 different handmade ornaments in return. This year was my first year to join. There was something about the process of sending out and receiving ornaments by post which made me feel quietly giddy, like I was 13 years old again, passing along handwritten chain letters to reach mysterious friends – in this case, most of whom I will likely never meet in person. During these last few days of crafting magic, (and as small packages continue to arrive in my mailbox from across the city), this crazy engine of a dogged metropolis has felt, pleasantly, a little less utilitarian and a little more eccentric. Human. Spirited.

For those of you in Hong Kong who weren't able to participate this year, MAKE+SWAP is also setting up (pop-up) shop this Sunday 22 December from 3-6pm, at Little Square in Sheung Wan. More details here

(If you have received one of my ornaments and are reading this post – I hope you enjoyed your custom clay creation! Thank you for all your creativity and time, I loved receiving each one!) X