Beverly is a designer and self-taught calligrapher. Her background is in environmental design and sustainable tourism.

Current and past clients include: Christian Dior, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Hermès, Lane Crawford, Tiffany & Co., The Wedding Atelier, Sheraton Hotels, Ellermann Flower Boutique, A Boy Named Sue, Teakha, Sook.
Her calligraphic works have been featured in Martha Stewart Magazine, Magnolia Rouge, Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, Home Journal, and Pacific Weddings. To preview her calligraphy portfolio, please visit here.



Stationery & Print Design  |  Illustration  |  Contemporary Calligraphy  |  Art Direction




'Working with my hands is something that excites and calms me, and takes me to another place where time gets lost.

I can't seem to wholly separate work from life; this division doesn't feel natural to me. It's from this that my studio got its name. I wanted to create a space where our personal, occupational, and communal celebrations and challenges could be at ease and exist in a same fabric of daily living. This sense of value, of spirit and integrity, is what I look for in everyone I encounter and everything I hope to create.'


– B E V E R L Y ,   L I F E   A T   S T U D I O   B .


Photo credits: top of this page, by Kenneth Wu for Home Journal; all others on the site, by Beverly unless stated otherwise.